Monday, November 15, 2010


Happy happy birthday to my favorite four year old!  Since you're an ocean away (and I've never been great at making it to the post office), I thought I'd use my newest medium of sharing information to tell you how fun it's been to watch you grow into the precocious princess you are.

Here are just a few reasons why I think you're awesome:

You didn't cry the first time I held you.

You learned early on not to believe everything your dad says.

You like my sweatshirts almost as much as I do.

You give really good directions.

You're super stylish.

You make me laugh.

You really like cake.

A lot.

Did I already mention how stylish you are?

Your wonderful sense of adventure.

Your ability to steal the show.

Your great hugs!

Your hide and seek skills.

And most of all, your loving heart.

I hope you have a wonderful day, free of musical chairs.  :)

I love and miss you!  See you in a month!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2nd Annual P-Patch Day

I happen to thoroughly enjoy taking pictures and making lists. So it is no surprise that I chose to describe my day at the pumpkin patch with Michael, Rachel and Steve with pictures. In list form.

1.  Church.
2.  Coffee.  A tall latte with one Raw Sugar from Neptune Coffee = perfection.

3.  Wandered aimlessly through antique shops in Duvall.

4.  Quick ride for the fans.

5.  Late brunch at The Grange Cafe.  A-mazing.  Go there.

6.  Pumpkin patch at Remlinger Farms.

Another great day with the Trudelles!  We love you guys.  And pumpkins.  And good food.  And treasure hunting.  Also, please note that during steps 1-4, Steve was running.  Yep, while we were sipping on coffee, driving from Greenlake to Duvall, and meandering around town for an hour or so, Steve was running consistent 6:20 miles.  Both productive uses of a Sunday, I'd say.  Good luck in New York Steve!  You'll do great.