Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Weekend :: Jan. 21 & 22

I forgot my camera on Friday, but here's a glimpse at the rest of my weekend...

 (blueberry muffin french toast)

 (i <3 free movie tickets)

(i also <3 popcorn with extra butter)

(elizabeth's birthday) 

 (capitol hill)

 (cousins playing. super gritty picture, but i love the moment.)

 (football & family)

(happy birthday d!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Weekend :: Jan. 13-16

One of the laziest three day weekends of my life.  Hence tons of pictures of food.  (Also, I just really like food.)

(amazing sunset at green lake on my walk home from work on friday)

 (late night krispy kreme run to prepare for cheat day!)

(breakfast of champions) 

 (car loaded with laundry for a day at the issaquah hoffman residence.)

(ewan was a really good laundry helper)

 (just loungin', watching football)

 (ale house fries. french dip not pictured.)

(space needle)


 (good advice)

 (chicken sausage + fried eggs)

 (labeling project)

(friday night lights)

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Weekend :: Jan. 6-8

After being a little under the weather last week, my weekend was low key and I loved it.  A few home projects, a lot of Netflix and quality time with my man.

 (i take a lot of pictures of coffee)

 (honey nut chex!)

 (inspiration for my new desk area)


 (west elm sale)

My Weekend :: Dec. 30 - Jan. 1

Warning: I'm about to talk about how awesome my boyfriend is, so if that doesn't interest you, feel free to skip down to the pics. Michael is pretty phenomenal at giving gifts. He's not always great at keeping them a secret, but he really knows how to spoil me. This year, among other things, he surprised me with a sweet new lens for the camera he bought me last Christmas. He's really supportive of my growing passion for photography--he even signed me up for a class/workshop back in September.

I was really inspired by that workshop, but got busy with life and forgot to use the tips/tricks I learned that day. In an effort to regularly practice those things, and get to know my new lens, I decided to start weekly(ish) posts by taking more photographs on weekends. I took pics the last two weekends, but didn't get around to posting them.  So I'm playing catch-up tonight. I know myself, and this definitely won't happen every week (hence the "ish" above), but it's resolution time, so most likely I'll stick with this until mid February when it starts to fade out.  Just kidding. (I hope...) :)

 (note to self: new lens isn't arm's length compatible)

 (new year's eve brunch)

 (boys playing with their christmas toys)

 (happy new year!)


 (garlic naan)


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on 10: January

This was a really long day. Long enough that I considered putting multiple "L's" in that really. It's not the first time I've worked both jobs on a 10 on 10 day but definitely the first that started at 2am and is ending at 11pm. Honestly though, no complaints. Aside from the initial scare at Christina's puncture wound (which turned out to be an easy fix, by the way), the day was great. Productive, good conversations, and a fantastic dinner with a friend. But as you can see below, my bed is waiting for me and I'm pretty excited about it.  Happy 10 on 10 world!

(More sets here).

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