Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2nd Annual P-Patch Day

I happen to thoroughly enjoy taking pictures and making lists. So it is no surprise that I chose to describe my day at the pumpkin patch with Michael, Rachel and Steve with pictures. In list form.

1.  Church.
2.  Coffee.  A tall latte with one Raw Sugar from Neptune Coffee = perfection.

3.  Wandered aimlessly through antique shops in Duvall.

4.  Quick ride for the fans.

5.  Late brunch at The Grange Cafe.  A-mazing.  Go there.

6.  Pumpkin patch at Remlinger Farms.

Another great day with the Trudelles!  We love you guys.  And pumpkins.  And good food.  And treasure hunting.  Also, please note that during steps 1-4, Steve was running.  Yep, while we were sipping on coffee, driving from Greenlake to Duvall, and meandering around town for an hour or so, Steve was running consistent 6:20 miles.  Both productive uses of a Sunday, I'd say.  Good luck in New York Steve!  You'll do great.

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