Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy First Birthday Eavan!

I can't believe my niece Eavan is already one!  Last weekend Nate and Jess threw a big party to celebrate the day at my parent's house.  Turns out she's already incredibly popular because she drew quite the crowd.

The birthday girl:

The food:

The fun:

The first sugar:

The presents:

Happy Birthday Eavan!  I love you so much and it is so much fun to watch you grow up!


  1. Wow! You captured Eavan's b-day perfectly! They are going to treasure those photos Kenz! So cute. Oh, and Jess is such a cute mama!!

  2. Gosh the progression of emotions on Eavan's face during the birthday cupcake is so precious. Great job capturing it sweety. You could probably get people to pay you for being awesome with a camera.