Monday, February 27, 2012

My Weekends :: Feb. 17-26

Yep, multiple weekends in here.  As predicted, I got pretty behind on posting...

(dinner prep)


 (coffee + doughnuts)*


(late night snacks)* 

(next on my list)








(milk + cookies)*

(birthday flowers) 

*To be clear, I don't always eat this poorly.  I'm actually on a pretty restrictive diet.  But built into the diet is a cheat day once a week (Saturdays), which I clearly take full advantage of. :)  But most days, my food is not this fun.  It's rarely fun at all, but has really been working for me (when I stick to it).

See you next weekend!


  1. how come it looks like the tomatoes are flying in the caprese pic?

  2. I love your posts- Saturday is my cheat day too :)