Saturday, December 1, 2012

capturing our blessings :: thankful

  1. Chatting with my husband at work.
  2. Generous friends.
  3. Voting
  4. More time.
  5. All Staff Prayer.
  6. Surprise visit from Rachel and Miles!
  7. Afternoon sun.
  8. My commute.
  9. Friday office dogs.
  10. Unpacking.
  11. Small things that feel giant.
  12. Irwin's Bakery chocolate chip cookies.
  13. Michael keeping me company on "Name Change Day."
  14. Smart people.
  15. Comfy shoes.
  16. Filming Advent videos in the snow.
  17. Things that make my headaches go away.
  18. Sunday brunch at home with my man.
  19. Comfort food on a stormy day.
  20. Sunshine after rain.
  21. Candy bowls and blue skies.
  22. Two family Thanksgivings with my wonderful husband.
  23. Home.
  24. Making it home safely.
  25. Our first tree (which was a generous wedding gift from a great friend).
  26. Family birthday celebrations.
  27. Caffeine.
  28. Things that keep me warm.
  29. Chocolate.
  30. Blankets, a nice view, and Netflix on a sick day.
I'm so glad I participated in Capturing our Blessings this month.  It was such a great exercise to actively look for the ways I am blessed each day.  And I found it even more profound on the days I was sick, tired, or teary.

On the 14th I took a picture of this quote from an attendee at my church:
"I'm thankful that no matter how difficult life can get, there is still always something to be thankful for. I guess you could say I'm thankful for thankfulness."
I found that to be very true this month. Not every day was perfect, but I am abundantly blessed despite my shortcomings.  So grateful for family, friends, and God's great love.

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