Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Veinticinco de Michael!

Michael turned 25 today.  We celebrated with family, friends and two days of tacos.

FUN STORY: My two and half year old niece, Eavan, recently learned how to lock doors, just grew tall enough to reach doorknobs on her own, and is simultaneously in a hiding people's things phase.  When our families were over for dinner on Saturday night, she thought it would be hilarious to hide my dad's reading glasses inside our bedroom. And to make them extra difficult to find, she locked them inside the room.  In most houses this probably wouldn't be an issue, but we didn't even know that door locked and apparently don't own any keys that open it. We also keep our windows locked so there wasn't an easy way in. Twenty or so minutes of trying every key we could find/jimmying the lock, and one unreturned phone call to our landlord later meant calling a locksmith.  So long story short, we have a new doorknob, and once the locksmith finally got the door open, we all saw my dad's glasses sitting on the foot of our bed. She is mischievous that one.  Luckily, she is also really cute.  And it's already a fun memory.

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent watching March Madness, and relaxing around the house.  But we also went for a run today, so that evens out all the food and leisurely activities, right?

Happy birthday Michael! You are loved.  Grateful for you and the opportunity to celebrate your life.

(For a different glimpse of the birthday, check out my first two Vine videos. The first one I like to call "Locksmith Adventures," the second "Birthday Food and Basketball.")

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