Sunday, November 4, 2012

capturing our blessings :: 4

More time.

When I was growing up "fall back" almost always meant an extra hour of sleep before playing a soccer game on a blustery (and usually rainy) day. Today, it meant extra ease in making it to church.

This picture was taken as we got into Michael's car to head to church for the first time in months. Life has been a little crazy recently, in the best possible ways: Michael got a new job (that he LOVES), we got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, moved in together, then moved again a month later. We are still living amongst boxes and it has been a wonderful, albeit stressful season, but we have been missing our Sundays at Bethany, and time spent worshiping God with our church community. 

I'm a little ashamed to admit this, but at times, it can be really difficult to worship where you work. I often find myself cringing at typos and feeling anxious that I put the wrong date for an event in the announcements. It can be exhausting, and a challenge to stay focused on His word and the teaching. But luckily for us, God doesn't give up, and keeps calling us back to Him, even when we have been pulling away.  Today as I sat in the pew, I felt so grateful for that, and for the many many gifts Bethany has given me over the years. 

And I am especially grateful for the extra hour this morning that made getting there that much easier. :)

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  1. Well you are kind of a perfectionist, that's why. :) but seriously, thank you for all you do for our church! Love you Kenz!