Saturday, August 10, 2013

10 on 10: August 2013

I think this is my first 10 on 10 in a different city.  This 10th was spent in Spokane, visiting Josh and Greta (Michael's brother and sister-in-law) to celebrate both of their birthdays. It's been a wonderful and relaxing day: a little bit of shopping, a bbq, lawn games and quality time with the in-laws. Here's a glimpse at the day:

The birthday boy and his ribs. Nothing like the smell of ribs in the morning.

I take that back, nothing like the smell of cinnamon rolls in the morning.

Coffee at The Shop on Perry Street

Bargain books

Riverfront Park, downtown Spokane

I lied and told him I was only taking a picture of his beer. Heh.

Evening light and long shadows

This little cutie entertained himself for three straight hours.

Cornhole with Grandpa

Happy birthday Josh and Greta! (And Miles and Steve-o! So bummed we had to miss out on your celebrations in Seattle!)  Check out other 10 on 10 sets at A Bit of Sunshine.

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  1. We had cinnamon rolls this morning, too. I love that little coffee shop and the fence picture is my favorite!

  2. Great shots! Looks like a really great time, and I'm liking all of your travel photography lately. :) Thanks for the shout out for my guys. We missed you!!

  3. Stunning pictures! Beautiful and looks like a wonderful day!

  4. Love that shadow photo. And those cinnamon rolls and that book cart photo, too. Okay, so I love ALL of your photos. Great set! :)