Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 on 10: September 2013

I hope you all had a wonderful 10th! I felt uninspired and under the weather today, but my day did end with a popsicle, so I can't complain too much, right? :)

Thank you, Rebekah, for hosting this project every month. I am always grateful for the reminder to slow down and search for those moments of beauty amidst the mundane. (Even though I sometimes fight it.)

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  1. I know sometimes I fight it too...this month I also felt quite uninspired but at the end of the day it is such a gift to see the beauty..hope you feel better soon and thanks for always inspiring me with your eye for the blessings!

  2. I love this set! It's unique and simple. :) Lots of pretty light, and very "September" with the bus, apple and plaid. Love it.

  3. I love the simple beauty in your photographs. Nicely seen and composed.